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How to Sell Your House on Your Own in the Greater New Orleans Area

Looking to sell your real estate property in the Greater New Orleans Area on your own? We can provide a solution for you if you want to sell your house, vacant property, or real estate investment property without using a real estate agent.

Brokers and real estate agents in the Greater Greater New Orleans Area area can be very useful and necessary. In those particular instances,  they earn a well-deserved commission. But, real estate agents are not always required. Sometimes there are situations when it is preferable not to have to pay someone to act as your real estate agent. And in these cases, having to pay a 5-6% commission fee when selling a home can be substantial cut into your profits.

So, how do you sell a house on your own without a real estate agent in the Greater Greater New Orleans Area area? Let’s look at some techniques on how you can sell your house on your own to avoid excessive costs associated with using an agent.

How Do I Sell My House Without An Agent in Greater New Orleans Area?

First, let’s go through some interesting customs in the traditional buying and selling real estate industry that you should be aware of. In most sales transactions in the Greater Greater New Orleans Area area, the buyer’s agent receives around half of the commission paid by you, the seller. Although it is a common custom, why should you have to pay the buyer’s agent?

Doesn’t make very much sense, right?

Although this custom defies logic, you can use it to your advantage. This knowledge can be applied in a variety of ways. When looking into comparable sales in the local area, take the cost of commissions paid into account and deduct it from the final sales price of the property. This will bring you closer determine the actual market value of similar homes in your local area.

Don’t underprice your property 

It is important that you do not underestimate the worth of your real estate property. Remember that clever buyers may expect a discount off of the asking price of the property if they know that you will not have to pay for commissions to a real estate agent.

In rare situations, a buyer who is not represented by a real estate agent in the Greater Greater New Orleans Area area may forget to negotiate the cost of buyer’s commission with you. Knowing that you will not have to pay a commission to the buyer’s real estate agent means that the unrepresented buyer may ask you to lower your sales price of the house even further. If you don’t want to pay this price, don’t bring it up during the negotiation. But, be prepared for it to potentially happen.

Consider paying a 2.5% commission to a real estate agent who finds you a potential buyer for your home. This may appear to be a large sum of money, but pricing your property with this expected charge included will help you get an even better outcome in a situation where you are working with a buyer who may not be represented by a real estate agent.

On the other hand, failing to account for the cost of a buyer’s real estate agent may exclude a big number of possible buyers in the Greater Greater New Orleans Area area. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) accounts for more than 90% of transactions. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the principal database from which agents in and around the Greater Greater New Orleans Area area obtain real estate information, including sales prices of homes for sale. Previously, you had to pay the full listing commission to get your property listed on MLS. However, there are now agents in Greater New Orleans Area who will put your property on the MLS for a set cost and charge a commission only if the sale goes through.

When compared to the cost of newspaper advertising, the MLS is a low-cost approach to get your property in front of a larger audience. MLS data is used by major real estate search sites such as, Zillow, and Yahoo Homes. As a result, if you have your Greater New Orleans Area area home listed on the MLS, your home may appear on these sites within a few short days.

Each of these websites provides advertising options that allow you to pay for advanced listings, excellent search rankings, and other features that will entice potential buyers. Nonspecific means of advertising, on the other hand, is not always a guarantee to reach a large audience. It can be a gamble. Although open houses, newspaper ads, Craigslist and classified postings, and flashy billboards can be useful, they may not produce your intended results.

To effectively sell your property on your own, you have to market it efficiently.

To sell your real estate property on your own, you must employ an efficient marketing approach. Placing fliers and billboards in your community, as well as posting information on free websites, will help build interest. These measures, however, may not be sufficient if your home is not appealing to the average homebuyer.

In theory, realtors may charge high fees since they incur significant upfront advertising costs for promoting the real estate property. By advertising through multiple streams, real estate agents increase their chances of receiving more calls and more successful sales. But, the advertisements can be expensive depending on the property, which is more explanation for the high commissions you would pay as the seller if you choose to work with a real estate agent.

Ultimately, it is possible to sell your house in the Greater Greater New Orleans Area area without using a real estate agent. Careful planning and a good marketing approach can help you sell your house on your own. You may increase your chances of attracting potential buyers by enlisting the help of a real estate agent and taking advantage of the MLS. But, this option may come at a cost to you. Or you can considering alternatives, such as selling to investors for cash. This option may provide a faster and less-expensive answer. Whichever you decide, choose a technique that meets your specific needs, situation, and goals to successfully sell your Greater New Orleans Area property.

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