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Quick Tips to Avoid Foreclosure in New Orleans

During times of financial stress, many homeowners simply give up and walk away from their homes and other real estate properties. This unfortunate trend has resulted in certain areas of turning into ghost towns, which has a significantly negative impact on the local residents of that particular economy. A prime example of the consequences of … Continued

How to Stay in My Home After Foreclosure

When it comes to foreclosed properties, a recent study has estimated that 47% of them are still occupied. This may come as a surprise to many, but the reality is that banks, who are not in the business of owning homes, often find themselves in this situation. Foreclosure occurs when borrowers fail to repay their … Continued

We Buy Houses in New Orleans Companies – Are They Trustworthy?

If you’ve been driving in and around the greater New Orleans area, you’ve probably come across a few signs and billboards advertising companies that purchase houses. These companies often use phrases like “We Buy New Orleans Houses!” or “Cash For Your House.” But, how can you determine if these “We Buy Houses in New Orleans” … Continued

Understanding the Foreclosure Process in Louisiana

Understanding and navigating the foreclosure process can be a daunting and dreadful task for anyone. But, don’t worry. We’re here to help you! As local real estate investors, we specialize in assisting homeowners who are facing pre-foreclosure or foreclosure situations and provide resources to help them understand the foreclosure process. In this guide, we’ll help … Continued
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