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Selling Your New Orleans House: Things That Can Make it Difficult to Sell Your House

Selling Your New Orleans House   Things That Can Make it Difficult to Sell Your House

So, you want, or need, to sell your house in the Greater New Orleans area. Selling a house in New Orleans can be a real headache. There are so many things that can make it tough to sell your house – from high property taxes and a slow real estate market to finding the right buyer and dealing with outdated features or damage. But, selling to Revitalize Property Solutions is a breeze. In this blog, we’ll cover the top 10 things that make it difficult to sell a house here and how we can help you bypass all that stress.

Those Crazy Property Taxes

The property taxes in New Orleans are no joke. They’re calculated based on how much your house is worth, so if your home’s value is high, you’re stuck paying a lot in property taxes every year. That’s a huge turn-off for home buyers who are already unsure about dropping serious cash for your New Orleans house. But when you sell your house to us, you no longer have to worry about paying those crazy high property taxes anymore.

When the Housing Market’s Down

If the New Orleans housing market is in a slump, that means fewer buyers and possibly having to lower your asking price way down to attract interest in order to sell your house. Not fun! We buy houses directly, so you can avoid all that market mess.

A Tiny Pool of Interested Buyers

Maybe your house has some quirks that don’t appeal to everyone, or it’s in a specific area that’s not a hot spot. Fewer interested buyers means it’s way harder to sell your house. No problem for us – we’ll take it off your hands regardless of location or unique features.

Grandma’s Outdated Décor

Got some seriously outdated stuff like shag carpets or wood paneling? Those old-fashioned touches can make it tough to sell your house. You’d have to renovate to appeal to modern buyers…or just sell it as-is to us!

Repairs and Damage, Oh My!

Structural issues like a leaky roof or cracked foundation are the kiss of death when trying to sell your house. Most buyers don’t want to inherit a money pit. But we couldn’t care less about the repair costs – we’ll buy it damaged and all.

Your Home’s Neighborhood

Let’s face it, some New Orleans areas are more desirable than others when it comes to housing locations. If your place is in a less popular part of town, it can seriously limit your buyer options. Not an issue for us – we buy properties practically anywhere in the city.

Barely Any Buyer Traffic

Listing with a real estate agent may not get your place enough exposure and buyer traffic. But you don’t need to worry about marketing when you sell your house or property directly to us. We’re the buyer!

Too Much Competition

With so many other houses on the market, it’s easy for yours to get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, we’ll take your home off your hands regardless of the competition.

Money Troubles

If you’re behind on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure, selling the traditional way is next to impossible. We can help stop foreclosure and buy your home, giving you an opportunity for a fresh start.

Sentimental Attachment

It’s hard to say goodbye to a place full of memories, even when you know selling is the right move. We understand, and we aim to make this emotional process as smooth as can be.

There are so many potential roadblocks to selling a New Orleans house the typical way. But Revitalize Property Solutions offers a straightforward solution to sell your house – we buy houses directly in ANY condition. No repairs, no buyer hassles, no sky-high closing costs eating into your profits. We make it fast and easy!

Call us today at (504) 621-1729 and avoid all the stress and headaches of trying to sell your house on the open market. We’ll make you a fair cash offer and take your New Orleans property off your hands in no time!


Q: How fast can you buy my house? A: We move lightning fast! After you first contact us, we can make a cash offer within 1-2 days. From there, we can finalize the paperwork and close the sale in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Q: Do I need to clean or fix up my place at all? A: Nope! We buy houses as-is, so you don’t need to lift a finger doing repairs or renovations before selling to us.

Q: What kinds of homes do you purchase? A: We buy any and all residential properties in the Greater New Orleans Area – single-family houses, multi-units, you name it. The condition doesn’t matter either!

Q: How do you calculate your cash offer? A: We look at your home’s location, age, condition and current fair market value in the area to make sure we offer you a great cash price.

Q: Am I on the hook for any fees when selling to you? A: No way! Our cash offer is the full amount you walk away with. No commissions, closing costs or hidden fees to worry about.

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