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How to Estimate Repairs When Selling Your House in New Orleans

When selling a house, an inspection is a vital part of the process, and this fact causes many sellers sleepless nights. However, confronting the problem head-on will help you to see what you’re up against in terms of total repair costs. For most jobs, three estimates are usually sufficient to establish a fair comparison. You can also use web tools for more in-depth study to get a basic sense of how much the job should cost.

Knowing your final expenditures will enable you to take the required procedures to ensure that your house passes any inspection. You can also be confident that you will fulfill any lender’s standards, as most buyers must qualify for traditional mortgage loans.

Continue reading to learn how to estimate repairs when selling your New Orleans home.


When selling your home in New Orleans, gathering estimates for repairs takes time, so be patient while you call industry specialists and book your estimates; allow up to a month for this stage of the process. Don’t forget to ask each professional how long they think your renovation will take so you can get a realistic idea of how long it will take to have your home ready to sell. If speed is of the essence, you might want to explore working with a direct buyer, such as those at REvitalize Property Solutions LLC, who can guarantee a closing date, typically within days.


While estimating repairs when selling your house in New Orleans, you must evaluate the professional’s reputation. The amount of time the organization has been in business is another clue that they are excellent at their job. You can also look for complaints at the Better Business Bureau. One final stage in your contractor investigation is to do a background check to ensure there is no history of fraud. When working with any business, asking for recommendations is often the best reference, and consumer reviews can help you greatly.


When selling your home in New Orleans, it’s good to mention all repairs you need estimates for if you’re working on multiple projects at once. It’s ideal to meet them on the job and guide them through the project; they’ll likely spot flaws that you overlooked during your initial assessment, as well as any constraints on your expectations for the results. When making calls and scheduling estimates, another thing to keep in mind is to rate their communication, timeliness, and response. You may want to choose a different lawyer if they do not maintain their word or do not stop and listen to your queries or concerns.

Small Details

While getting a repair quote from a contractor when selling your house in New Orleans, the amount of detail supplied in the estimate is very significant. For larger works, where the actual pricing of all supplies and everything else you’ll buy may vary, seek an estimate that gives you price ranges, such as a job costing $10,000 to $12,000. For simpler works, such as replacing a single door, it is realistic to expect exact quotes. To be fair, when comparing contractors, all offers should be for the same job under the same conditions.


There are several factors to consider when choosing the materials that your contractor will use. The price plays an important influence in your final selection. Take the time to educate yourself on the installation, use, and care of products so you’re not caught off guard and your contractor isn’t taken off guard by unique installation requirements for a new product in the future. When it comes to selling your home in New Orleans, knowing the costs of supplies, appliances, and anything else you’ll need can help you make better judgments. Furthermore, doing some research prior to getting estimates will assist you to understand the grade of materials your contractor is using for the repairs.

REvitalize Property Solutions LLC

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